A Heated Battle
Between Crappy,
But Lovable Robots


Hebocon robots are nothing you would imagine robots would be. They break, they forfeit and sometimes they don’t even move.

But who cares when they are so adorable?


Battle between the Hebocon robots is always full of twists. The robots roam off the ring by themselves, or fall apart even before entering the competition.

Hebocon Robots fight for the right to fail!


Who said you have to be an engineer to build a robot? Anyone can make a crappy one!

All you need is your own imagination, 30 minutes, little bit of trash, batteries and some glue!


Hebocon is a crappy robot tournament for anyone who do not have the actual technical skills to build robots. Or for those who want a challenge. Each robot is fueled by the imagination of their creators as well as their skills to use a glue gun.

The tournament challenges mostly non-skilled robot makers to build outrageous machines and compete for the title of the Most Crappy Robot.

Hebocon originally started in Japan. And from there we brought it to Denmark where we held the tournaments and workshops on robot building at festivals, parties and other events since 2016.


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